Taylor R.

I have been lucky enough to complete almost four sessions, two personal training, with Michelle and Be Active. Live Better and have just signed up for another. For me, her various classes with equally as experienced trainers and experts are more valuable than any gym membership. Michelle takes the time to get to know each client, their strengths and weaknesses, and works with them to maximize their potential. While she can definitely be tough and knows just how to push you, she is also incredibly kind, accommodating and invested in your health and wellbeing. Taking these classes are the first time, ever, I've been dedicated to fitness and health outside of school sports. Big kudos to Michelle and her team!




Stefania M.

Michelle can kick your butt and make you laugh at the same time! It was a great workout, especially when you are sore for a few days after ... Great feeling. I also liked how each class is different!




Kristin M.

I have really enjoyed all your classes and I love your infectious energy and how you encourage us to do our best!

Your classes have helped me be active again, gain strength and shed some pounds!!!

Looking forward to perhaps joining a boot camp class once I'm back to work as group exercise is the way to go for me!!!




Meaghan F.

Thanks to Michelle for being so encouraging and accommodating, letting my toddler come to baby and me has allowed for me to have an extra day of classes which has been a game changer. Not only am I feeling and looking better but so is my daughter, she now asks to work out and play "fitness class" it's great!! I love how there is always something new offered during the class, I always wake up sore the next day. Can't wait to see what's to come in the future.




Natalie K.

Fun, energetic and always accommodating Grayson and I when he did not want to sit in his stroller.




Cassandra P.
I LOVE be active live better. I love the mommy and me classes Michelle offers. They are a great way to get back into shape after having a baby! I love how Michelle encourages you to do your best during the sessions, she encourages working at your own pace so her classes are great for any fitness level. I have no motivation to go to the gym but I definitely am motivated to attend her classes :) love love love her energy!! Can't wait to participate in more of her classes before going back to work :)




 Katie S.
I've really enjoyed both the indoor and outdoor Baby and Me classes. Michelle is a wonderful instructor. She is personable, energetic, knowledgable and great with kids. I'd suggest her classes to anyone as she provides variations for all fitness levels and continues to push everyone. It's a great exercise class with the little ones. Thanks Michelle!




 Erin M.
Be Active. Live better. is a safe and welcoming environment for all fitness levels and abilities. After having a baby, I was looking for something that could challenge me but also adjust to the changes in my body. Michelle is able to easily modify any exercise to accommodate baby and abilities in an ever changing mommy body. She's challenging yet respectful. Michelle not only cares for the mommies but loves all our babies too! Thanks Michelle!




 Erin N.
Michelle is an outstanding trainer! She motivates and encourages you to try your absolute hardest! She is knowledgable and offers a wide variety of exercises, as well as modifications for any fitness level. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their fitness and health




 Christina G.
I finally found exercise I enjoy and I owe it all to Be Active Live Better! I’ve always struggled with trying to do it on my own, taking other classes, doing videos, joining gyms, but nothing clicked... until I met Michelle. She is a great motivator, approachable, funny and knowledgeable! I love going to her classes, whether it’s bootcamp with the ladies at night or mommy and me classes with the babies during the day! I’ve lost pounds and two pant sizes, but mostly I got my energy back! I’m so thankful to have found Michelle, I feel like myself again... even Better!




 Vikki F.
Michelle is a fantastic instructor! I always feel so motivated, encouraged and challenged in her class. She is very creative too - always has new ideas to keep us getting to a higher level of fitness. I feel such a difference in my energy level and motivation after attending. I will go to her classes for as long as I can!




 Michelle H.
After my personal training sessions, I now feel that I can progress on my own. Michelle has taught me proper meal planning, healthier choices and lots of exercises to keep up my fitness on my own. She has been a solid supporter in my journey and I appreciate her so much for what she has helped me accomplish. Her energetic personality and high motivation has really pushed me into embracing a more active and healthy lifestyle.




Kim W.
As a beginner, I really enjoyed the Active Stroller class. I appreciate the various options you gave to accommodate different fitness levels. Jaycee Park is a great location and I enjoyed meeting other new moms.




Michelle G.
The Active Stroller class was very enjoyable. A great way to spend time with my daughter while getting some exercise and enjoying the outdoors! I loved it! Thanks Michelle!




Nadja T.
Honestly one of the best choices I have made in my life thus far. Everything I didn't think I could do I was able to do with Michelle's help. I couldn't run more then a minute and now I can run 35 minutes without stopping. My strength has improved, I also have definition in my arms which i haven't seen since high school.
I now have the nutrition and fitness knowledge for my body that I want.
Thank you so much for pushing me, even when I didn't think I could do it!
This will not be the last, just a continued journey to being a better me!
I know this personal training program is what I needed for my push to better living and health.

Thanks again!




Jen R.
Life changing classes! I feel more energized, am toning muscle, and my previous back pain has decreased significantly! As someone who has suffered greatly with severe back pain-strengthening my core has helped me so much. Classes are high energy and fit for everyone's individual needs. I felt confident in Michelle's ability as an instructor. Very motivating and energizing. Best classes I've ever taken and I am forever grateful to Michelle! I look forward to my future with Be Active Live Better!




Maria B.
Thank you so much for your inspiration! The bootcamp and core classes helped me gain so much strength in my injured hip and shoulder. Worked so much better than physio, and more fun too! I loved that you always had a modification ready for me so I could do everything!! Looking forward to the next set of classes!




Teresa S.
I enjoyed learning proper form when lifting weights.You are very motivating, I am in the best shape of my life and a lot of that is thanks to your classes! Very excited for indoor bootcamp + strength classes, ready for new exercises and new challenges :)




Vickie M. 
I had a great time Michelle - looking forward to next session. Thanks




Katie B. 
Instructor is very friendly and motivating. Love the class!




Terri D. 
Love the use of email & Facebook for communication. Most equipment was flexible and can be adjusted to any fitness level.




Teresa S. 
I love that every class was different, enjoyed all the equipment. Great workout, keep up the great work! I will join again!




Stacey H. 
Energy level helps keep me motivated, despite my lack of coordination. First bootcamp I’ve come across that the times actually work. Keep it up!





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